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We offer many different workshops, camps, and classes to keep your weekends busy with musical exploration, everything from percussion, songwriting, and Pre-K programs.

Music Makers Vocal Camp Performance (August 10 2018) (1).JPG

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Vocal Troupe/Camps

Take your voice to the next level with vocal camps. This is for girls and boys ages 7 through 12. Ms. Lisa Sinibaldi and Ms. Stacie Bollmann, two of our voice instructors, will be coaching all the campers who will learn fun musical team-building exercises and a cappella based voice techniques. Singers get the opportunity to sing with others in an exciting group setting. A performance will be held at the end of the session.

Songwriting Workshop at Music Makers (August 2016)

Next workshop to be announced

Songwriting Workshops

Hone your songwriting skills! Learn how to take that one melody or lyric you've been hiding and bring it to life. Songs you write can unleash power, fuel desire, break hearts, rock worlds, unite people, and turn blahs into blues all in just a few minutes. Learn the main tools that are needed to create a solid song. The recesses of your mind has a wealth of material. Learn how to access it so your songwriting will flow more easily and produce unique and unexpected results!

Percussion Workshop at Music Makers (Aug 27 2017) (2).jpg

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Percussion Workshops

This is for all age groups and a great way to introduce rhythm instruments for those with no prior drumming experience. Learn how to create and design rhythm instruments using water bottles, buckets, and whatever else you can think of. Learn basic playing techniques and improvisation skills on buckets, world percussion instruments, and even your body!

Little Music Makers (Feb 10 2018) (2).JPG

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Little Music Makers

Preparing our little ones from 2 - 5 years old can be a huge benefit for their future musical development. Ms. Lisa Sinibaldi, one of our voice/piano instructors will be teaches these sessions. We believe she will offer some exciting methods to engaging the little ones in music.