Skilled and seasoned (and awesome) instructors can help you understand, play and perform music.

We’re proud to have such a strong group of powerfully talented teachers who can literally rock your world. Better yet, they have the patient and supportive personalities that can inspire you to reach your dream of playing an instrument. Whether it’s through our Private Lessons program or our Music Makers LIVE performance school, you can count on these amazing teachers.

  • My daughter absolutely loves Music Makers. Everyone is so friendly and very patient with my daughter, who has autism. The studio is very appealing and is full of fun music knick-knacks to check out while waiting.
    — Jamilyn Lucero
  • Amazing staff! Mr. Robert is amazingly patient with my son and incredibly talented! Highly recommend!
    — Stacey Seeley
  • Great energy and support for beginners right through to advanced skills. The bands that form together really gel, perform well and have a blast. Music Makers really delivers fun learning and builds confidence in kids and adults.
    — Mark Vollmer
  • These people go the distance when it comes to customer service, passion, creativity and sheer energy! They inspire and encourage our musicians of the future; they are really, really AWESOME! I wish more businesses had their commitment and drive.
    — Bobbs V.
  • Mr. Robert makes piano fun for my seven-year-old. My son is learning a lot and enjoying it. He may not love to practice, but he loves his lessons. Music Makers is very flexible. They have been great with schedule conflicts and last-minute changes. I highly recommend them!
    — Vinita Folck
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Robert Smith

Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums

Robert is the owner and operator of Music Makers. He teaches piano, voice, guitar, bass, and drums (beginner/intermediate/advanced and all ages starting as young as 5). He is great with kids and adults alike. He's had ample experience in music performance - touring around the world playing concerts in countries like Indonesia, Australia, Russia, and Japan - was a touring member for the Norfolk based rock group, MAE (Capitol Records, Tooth & Nail Records). Currently he performs regular gigs around Hampton Roads, solo (MUSICPLAYER) and with bands (LADADA and DEJA). His expertise is piano and singing but he has a multi-instrumental understanding of music (proficient in piano, guitar, drums, bass, etc).

"My goal with each student is to help instill a desire and passion to explore the deeper side of music. I try to keep my lessons fun, exciting, and interactive. Music theory is crucial to understanding music, but I also teach you how to sense the emotions in music as well as using your ear. I believe that each student has his or her own personal musical journey. I'm sensitive to that and want to give each student a head start on that journey. Teaching another person how to play, understand, and feel music is something that makes me come alive."

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Drew Thow


Drew is one of our band coaches. He has taught percussion in the Norfolk and Virginia Beach school systems and performed and recorded with Glenn Campbell - his bands have opened for national recording artists including – The Beach Boys, Toto, Firefall, Edgar Winter, The Romantics, The Kingsmen, Kansas, etc. Currently he performs in DEJA, Hampton Roads best epic songs tribute band. Having marched in and taught Drum Corps International (D.C.I.), Drew developed techniques that make reading music easy and fun. He also teaches/plays bass and guitar.

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Jay Rakes


Jay is a seasoned professional musician and has been teaching and performing for over 25 years. His band, the Jay Rakes band, has recorded 4 CDs of original songs. He teaches ALL styles of guitar (rock, country, blues, etc…). He works great with beginner and advanced students alike.


McKenna Irby


McKenna is as talented as they come. She is a current member of the Virginia Symphony. She works great with beginners and intermediate students alike. Her enthusiasm makes learning music FUN!

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Joe McMurray


Joe is a perfect choice for any beginner, young and old. He has an all-around comprehensive understanding of music in all genres and instruments specializing in jazz and blues guitar. He studied at Duke University and George Mason University. You can find him performing regular gigs around Hampton Roads.

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Cody Thornton


Cody is a well versed drummer and percussionist. He has been drumming since he was 8 years old. Currently, performs regularly in The Jay Rakes Band. If you want to start off on the right foot (no pun intended) Cody is your man!


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